Fitness Tip 43 – A Side Of Exercise, Please!

Fitness Tip #43 How many times have you attempted to reshape your body by dieting alone? Boy that gets frustrating... Exercise is an equally important factor when it comes to fat loss. While clean eating helps by restricting fattening calories, exercise revs up your metabolism for an all-day calorie burn. Dieting alone won't cut it. Call or email me today and we will get you started on an exercise plan that's going to quickly transform your body. If you enjoy our fitness tips, please use the sharing tools below to get the word out! Let's work together and help end the trend of obesity! … [Read more...]

Enviable Abs – What’s the Secret?

So you want the secret to enviable abs? Well, get in line. So does everyone else. It's puzzling that something so desirable is completely elusive for most people. Especially when it IS fully possible for you to dramatically shape up your waistline. Yes, you. Y-O-U. My clients routinely lose weight and transform their bodies. You can do it too. I'm going to end the mystery for you now, once and for all. So forget everything you've heard about how to get flat, toned abs. The true secret to great abs is a winning combination of fat burning cardio, resistance training and clean eating. That's it: Exercise and Eating. Simple enough, once you understand how to do it. Your Exercise Routine: An effective exercise routine includes intense cardiovascular training with effective resistance training. Are you doing this? Sorry, but walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes isn't a fat blasting routine. And neither is a leisurely 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. Cardio … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday – Hearty Chicken Casserole

Casseroles like this are a lifesaver on busy weeknights, and unlike most casserole recipes, this one is dairy, grain and gluten free. The tender, hearty veggies and chicken are mixed with tomatoes and basil then topped with a sprinkle of toasted ground nuts and nutritional yeast. You get to enjoy delicious flavor while filling up on protein, veggies and fiber that powers your body and energizes your day. Servings: 8  Here's what you need... 1 teaspoon coconut oil 3 Tablespoons pine nuts 3 Tablespoons pecans, chopped 3 Tablespoons nutritional yeast dash of sea salt 2 teaspoons olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 yellow onion, chopped 2 bell peppers, chopped 2 eggplants, chopped 2 cups roasted chicken, cubed 1 (28oz) can crushed tomatoes 3 Tablespoons fresh basil, chopped 1/4 cup white wine 1/2 cup Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a casserole dish with coconut oil. In a small skillet, place the coconut oil over medium heat. Add … [Read more...]

Fitness Tip – The Healthy Calorie Trap

Fitness Tip #42 I see it happen all the time, but that doesn't make it any less heartbreaking... Well-meaning folks, like yourself, losing the battle of the bulge to a bunch of excess healthy calories. I've got to level with you: When it comes to gaining and maintaining fat, ANY extra calorie does damage. No matter if it's whole grain or processed, sugar-free or sugar-full. Pay attention to your total calorie intake. It really does matter. I'd love to help you figure out your ideal calorie range. Call or email me today and we will get started. If you enjoy our fitness tips, please use the sharing tools below to get the word out! Let's work together and help end the trend of obesity! … [Read more...]

Fat Loss Tips That Work

Fat loss can be tough... and you are completely fed up...and I don't blame you. For ages you've been eating healthy and exercising, and yet still haven't met your fat loss goal. What's the deal? This is a quandary that all dedicated fat-loss-seekers find themselves facing, sooner or later. Why won't the weight come off? You are doing everything you can think of to make it happen. It's time to come face-to-face with an ugly truth about yourself...and until you do you'll always be stuck in this place where healthy eating and exercise do not get you that amazing body you want. There's one simple thing standing between you and a slimmed down, amazingly fit body. One. Simple. Thing. And here it is...You eat too many calories. That's it. Solve this problem and your dream body will quickly and easily become reality. Wait, don't give me the excuse that, "I only eat healthy calories." That's great, but even healthy calories add up to extra pounds when we let them … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday – Cranberry Chicken Salad

Meals that are high in protein and natural fiber are the perfect way to compliment your strength training routine to achieve your fat loss goal quickly. This recipe for Cranberry Chicken Salad is a delicious way to eat lean and clean. Serve on large lettuce leaves. Servings: 8   Here’s what you need... 4 cups cooked chicken breast, cubed 1 fennel bulb, chopped 1/4 cup roasted pistachios, chopped 1/4 cup dried cranberries 1 Tablespoon roasted pepitas 3 Tablespoons coconut milk, canned and full fat 1 teaspoon dried, ground sage 3 Tablespoons fresh parsley, minced dash of salt and pepper head of Romaine lettuce Mix all of the ingredients, except the lettuce, in a bowl. Serve by spooning the chicken salad in large Romaine lettuce leaves. Enjoy your Cranberry Chicken Salad! Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 221 calories, 9 fat, 123mg sodium, 10g carbohydrates, 4g fiber, and 23g protein. Cranberry Chicken Salad … [Read more...]

Quick Tips – For Best Results…

Want to get the most from your workouts? Follow these 5 tips: Be Consistent: exercise at least 4 times each week. Be Challenged: change your routine often. Be Patient: don’t forget that true fitness results take time. Be Excited: find an exercise program that you love. Be Coached: call in a professional, like me, for real results. Call or email today! … [Read more...]

Don’t Believe These 5 Fitness Myths

Nothing irks me more than when good people are misled by fitness myths. These myths sabotage results and keep people miles from their goal weight. So I've got to warn you about the bogus rumors going around about strength training. I don’t want to see you held captive by a faulty belief. The truth is that strength training is the number one thing you can do for your health, fitness and appearance. Don’t fall for one of these 5 myths and miss out on tremendous potential results. Strength Training Myth #1: Muscle Can Turn Into Fat  Why would anyone want to build muscle if they think it could morph into fat over time? Don’t worry; this myth is seriously bogus. Muscle tissue is muscle tissue. Fat tissue is fat tissue. One will never become the other. Strength Training Myth #2: Strength Training Makes Women Bulk Up  Sure, strength training increases the amount of muscle on your body, so many women take this to mean that their body will become body-builder-esque. Not … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday – Cinnamon Baked Apple Chips

Most packaged dried fruits contain added cane sugar, but here's a recipe for baked apple chips that uses only a touch of wholesome sweeteners and a sprinkle of cinnamon. No need for a dehydrator either, these tasty chips are made in the oven! Enjoy this as a delicious dessert or pack a bagful for an on-the-go snack. Servings: 5 Here's what you need: 6 apples (try Pink Lady or Honeycrisp) 6 cups fruit-only juice (try pear juice) 2 cinnamon sticks Ground cinnamon Sea salt Coconut Crystals Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F. Core and then thinly slice 6 apples (skins are fine!) Boil the apples for 5 minutes in a pot with the fruit juice and cinnamon sticks. Remove from the juice, pat dry and arrange the apple slices on a cooling rack placed on a rimmed baking sheet. Sprinkle with cinnamon, sea salt and coconut crystals. Place in the preheated oven for 1 to 2 hours. Remove from heat once crispy. Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 114 calories, 0g fat, … [Read more...]

Quick Tips – Whole, Raw Fruit: The Benefits

There's a reason that health care providers and fitness experts recommend a balanced diet with plenty of fruits. Quite a few reasons, actually. Here are a few things you'll consume when eating a piece of your favorite fruit: Fiber, which helps maintain gastrointestinal regularity and reduces the risk of heart disease. Folate, which helps reduce a pregnant woman's risk for giving birth to a child with defects in the brain or spinal cord. Potassium, which helps your body maintain a healthy blood pressure. Vitamin A, which helps your body fight off infections and maintain healthy eyes and skin. Vitamin C, which helps your teeth stay healthy and assists your body in the healing process when you experience a cut or wound. … [Read more...]