Quick Tips – Raise Your Standards

You wouldn’t put unreliable fuel in your car, so why put harmful food into your body? Here’s a list of the foods that should NOT meet your standards:
  • Sugar-filled beverages like soda pop, sweet coffee drinks or sweetened tea.
  • Packaged snack foods, like chips, crackers or popcorn.
  • Baked goods containing gluten and/or sugar.
  • Sweets or candy made with sugar or corn syrup.
  • Food from a fast food chain.
  • Food that’s been fried.


  1. The list here is small but true! There are alot of foods that are in super Markets that we should never consume. Read the labels of the food we eat like canned food. Packaged food. If it is not fresh like fresh veggies then it should not be eaten.

    All The Best

    • Smart choices are key. You’re right about the packaged foods and stuff. As a rule of thumb, stay on the outside aisle at a supermarket and you’ll be doing yourself a favor.


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