Quick Tips – The Best Lower Body Exercise


Most fitness experts agree that squats are the most effective lower body exercise.

This is probably due to the fact that the squat is so versatile. By making a few adjustments in foot placement you’re able to concentrate the exercise on different portions of your lower body.

Bring your feet in to a narrow stance and you’ll concentrate more on your quads. Bring your feet to a wide stance and you’ll activate more of your glutes.

Always remember to push your hips back as you go down and to avoid leaning forward with your knees.


  1. I have had lower back issues for a long time I am sure doing this kind o exercise I can build my back up and straighten it! Since I was a young lad I have had lower back issues. Never could find a way to make my back better. I also know that my weight has something to do with it also.

    All The Best

    • Often times lower back tightness also has a lot to do with the flexibility of your hamstrings Ed. Maybe take a visit to your doctor and see what remedy he/she recommends. I don’t envy anyone with lower back pain.


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