Quick Tips – The Weekly Cheat


A little balance in life is important. So while eating healthy most of the time is essential for flat abs, it’s OK to enjoy a weekly cheat.

The rules of the cheat day are simple: control your calories but loosen up on the content of your diet. So you’ve been craving pizza all week long? Enjoy a slice on your cheat day.

Notice I said a slice and not the whole pizza. Indulge with control!


  1. Cheat days are part of what we do if we do not cheat and rejoice our goals then what is worth setting goals. Like if we do not get to cheat here and there then we will fall off the wagon and gain more weight.

    All The Best

    • I agree although discipline amongst people varies so greatly. While some may need a cheat meal once a week, other may only need it once every two weeks or even a month. Tailor it what fits you best, just don’t beat yourself up if it turns out to be every week. Keep it within reason though.


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