Quick Tips – Wholesome Cravings


When you feel a trigger food calling your name, turn to these wholesome snacks and avoid a fitness relapse.

  • Organic, fresh fruit: It’s sweet and won’t ruin your diet like packaged candy.
  • Whole, roasted nuts: Sprinkle some sea salt on a handful of nuts and you won’t even want that bag of chips anymore.
  • Wholesome, home baked goods: When a piece of fruit just isn’t going to cure your cake craving, then make a wholesome, gluten and cane sugar free cake at home. The Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake below contains wholesome fat from coconut oil and almonds that will keep you satiated for hours. Stop back and check out Friday’s recipe for this one.


  1. Talk about Cravings! When you first start your weight loss program craving will be very strong. I know I have them all the time. Don’t forget to Drink your water and when snacking each veggies and fruits.

    All The Best


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