Just Say NO to Food Pushers

This time of year it seems that everyone turns into a food pusher. You know what I'm talking about... Here, taste these cookies. I got you this tower of chocolate for Christmas. Here's a dish that you have to try...I made it myself! Unfortunately, the holidays are a time when food pushing is not only accepted, but is expected. Rather than give in, and end up gaining 5-10 pounds of fat this holiday season, arm yourself with these 5 clever ways to stop food pushers in their tracks. Food Push #1: "Try this new treat I made, you'll love it!"       I'm Stuffed Response: "I wish that I had room right now, but I'm stuffed." Why being stuffed works: Your delightful food pusher cannot refute your statement about being full. If they persist, then let them know that having one more bite would push you over the brink of being uncomfortably full. Food Push #2: "I know this dish is your favorite! Hand me your plate." Stalling Response: "I really can't wait to try some in a … [Read more...]