Stop Making Excuses…Start Seeing Results

Why aren't you at your goal weight today? It's not like you started your fitness journey yesterday...this has been a goal that you've been working towards for years. So why haven't you achieved it yet? Now listed really closely to all the reasons that are popping into your mind right now. Grab a pen and paper and jot them down. These reasons you're giving for failing to reach your goal are really very clever excuses. So clever that you convinced yourself that they were legit. That's right. You're not at your ideal weight at this moment because you've given in to excuses. I can understand your frustration because those excuses that you cling to tend to be very convincing. Now it's time to push your frustration aside and to really focus in on your goal. If you lose focus on your goal for even a second, excuses will take over – leaving you without progress and without the sweet satisfaction of accomplishment. Here are the 3 Steps to Destroy Excuses... Step One: … [Read more...]